fredag 13 mars 2020

Nya böcker! :)

Igår fick jag hjälp av min snälla pappa att hämta hem två paket med böcker. Och jag är så nöjd! Dem är så fina allihop och det är svårt att göra dem rättvisa på bilderna. Ska bli så spännande att läsa dem! Alla kom inte med på bild så jag lånar från nätet. 

Jag berättar bara lite kort om böckerna men kolla gärna upp dem om ni vill veta mer! :)

A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer - When Brystal stumbles across a secret section of the library, she discovers a book that introduces her to a world beyond her imagination and learns the impossible: she is a fairy capable of magic! But in the oppressive Southern Kingdom, women are forbidden from reading and magic is outlawed...

"Welcome to Madame Weatherberry's Acadamy of Magic!"

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal - Set in a richly detailed world inspired by ancient Arabia, war is brewing and the Arz sweeps closer with each passing day, engulfing the land in shadow. Zafira is the Hunter, disguising herself as a man and if she is exposed as a girl, all of her achievements will be rejected. 
Zafira sets out on a quest to uncover a lost artifact that can restore magic to her suffering world and stop the Arz. The prince Nasir is sent on a similar quest; find the artifact and kill the Hunter. 

But an ancient evil stirs as their journey unfolds - and may pose a threat greater than they can imagine.

Cage of souls by Adrian Tchaikovsky - The sun is bloated, diseased, dying perhaps. Beneath its baneful light, Shadrapar, last of all cities, harbours fewer than 100,000 human souls. Shadrapar is a museum, a prison in a world that is ever more alien to humanity. Stefan Advani: a rebel, outlaw and survivor. This is his testament of the journey that transported and imprisoned him in the verdant hell of the jungle's darkest heart, where he will meet with monsters, madmen and mutants.

The question is, which one of them will inherit this Earth?

Nocturna by Maya Motayne - Finnian Voy is a talented faceshifter and it's been years since she has seen her own face, and that's exactly how she likes it. But when she gets caught by a powerful mobster, she's forced into an impossible mission: steal a legendary treasure from Castallan's royal palace or be stripped of her magic forever.

Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson - On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand in the mail, an inheritance from his lost parents. 
When it is immediately stolen, he learns that it is no ordinary bag of sand. With it, the evil Librarians who secretly rule the Hushlands - Librarian-controlled nations, such as the United States, Canada and England - will finally overtake the Free Kingdoms as well. Alcatraz and his ragtag band of freedom fighters must stop them, once and for all.

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi - It's 1889, Paris. To hunt down the ancient artifact the Order seeks, Séverin calls upon a band of unlikely experts: An engineer with a debt to pay. A historian banished from his home. A dancer with a sinister past. And a brother in arms if not blood. 
Together they will join Séverin as he explores the dark, glittering heart of Paris. What they find might change the course of history - but only if they can stay alive.

Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt - A 17th century woman with sewn-shut eyes and mouth walks in the streets... enters its homes... watches its people when they sleep.

They call her the Black Rock Witch.

So accustomed to her presence, the townsfolk often forget what will happen if her eyes ever open. To protect themselves the Black Spring elders use high-tech surveillance to quarantine the town. Frustrated with the lockdown, the town's teenagers decide to break the rules and go viral with the haunting.

But no one forsees the dark nightmare that awaits them all.  

The House of Night and Chain by David Annandale - In a bleak corner of the city of Valgaast, the House of Malveil awaits. A place of darkness, its halls throb with a sinister history. Its rooms are filled with malice. Its walls echo with pain. Now it stirs eagerly with the approach of an old heir. Colonel Maeson Strock has returned home to his ancestral mansion. 
He is a man broken, both by horrors of war and by personal loss, and has come home to take up the mantle of Planetary Governor. He hopes he can purge his home world of political corruption and reforge connections with his estranged children. He hopas he can rebuild his life.

Malveil will feast on these dreams. Strock believes he has seen the worst of the galaxy's horrors.

Malveil will show him how wrong he is.

The Family Plot by Cherie Priest - Chuck Dutton, a master stripper of doomed historic properties are thrilled when Augusta Withrow appears in his office with a massive family estate to unload. For a check and a handshake, it's all his.
He assigns his daughter, Dahlia, to oversee it. She travels down to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the ancient Withrow house is waiting - along with a small, overgrown cemetery that Augusta Withrow left out of the paperwork.
Augusta left out a lot of things.
The property is in unusually great shape for a condemned building, but something in the mansion is angry and lost. This is its last chance to raise hell before the house is gone forever, and there's still plenty of room in the strange little family plot...

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling - When Gyre Price lied her way into this expidition, she thought she'd be mapping mineral deposits and greatest dangers might be cave collapses and gear malfunctions. She also thought she'd get a skilled surface team monitoring her suit and environment, keeping her safe. Keeping her sane.
Instead, she got Em, and Em has secrets too...
As Gyre descends, mounting inconsistencies - missing supplies, unexpected changes in the route, and, worst of all, shifts in Em's motivations.

Lost and disoriented, Gyre finds her sense of control giving away to paranoia and anger. 
On her own in this mysterious, deadly space, surrounded by darkness, Gyre must overcome more than just the dangerous terrain and the Tunneler that calls the underground its home if she wants to make it out alive.

But why can't she shake the feeling she's being followed?

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  1. Vilka fina böcker! Alcatraz serien är så bra :)

    1. Åh har du läst Alcatraz? Är så pepp på att läsa den snart, känns som om det är en serie som jag kommer gilla! :D

  2. Alla ser ju jätteintressanta ut! :D Hex är jag speciellt nyfiken på, den har varit på min önskelista ganska länge nu :)

    1. Roligt att du också vill läsa Hex! :D Ja jag märkte att när jag skrev inlägget så blev jag lite extra nyfiken på den boken. Har lovat mig själv att den inte ska oläst alltför länge! :P

  3. Välkommen tillbaka! :D

    Många intressanta bokfynd. Den enda jag har läst av böckerna är Gilded wolves. Du får gärna hojta till när du läst den och bara nämna kort om du gillade den eller ej. Jag tyckte den var sådär har jag för mig.

    1. Tackar! :D

      Javisst, jag lovar att hojta till när jag har läst Gilded Wolves! Det var faktiskt genom din blogg som jag först upptäckte den. ;D


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